Election Day: Saturday, May 7

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NO on Prop 'A'

There's a Better Way!

We love our Police and First Responders!

The poor planning of the past and lack of fiscal restraint now is pushing this bond debt effort that is not good for Kerrville’s future generations.

There is a better way…

The Facts


We need a new police department facility.

Our police are operating out of an outdated facility. But improvements must be made in a more fiscally responsible way and not so heavily on the backs of Kerrville’s future citizens.


Prop A supporters admit that the bond will raise your property taxes.

This will still negatively affect renters and taxpayers that have their rates frozen.

(City admitted in Jan 11 workshop and Feb 8, 2022 meetings that taxes will increase if bond passes.)


If the bond does not pass, property taxes may actually decrease.

(Common sense says if debt is being paid down and NEW debt is not being accumulated, then taxes should go down). 


Kerrville taxpayers will be paying for a building over the next 30 years that will only serve the City’s needs for the next 15 years*.

(*with estimated growth)


30% of Kerrville’s taxpayers* have their taxes frozen which puts a greater strain on working-class and younger families.

As we have more taxpayers with frozen taxes, the burden is heavier on those that do not.

(* The majority of this figure are taxpayers over 65 years old.) 


Today’s debt is tomorrow’s taxes.

This is multi-generational debt. 

NO on Prop 'A'

It’s a cadillac!

$45 Million

The $45 million being asked for will build a grand complex that covers more than just the NEEDS. This ‘WISH LIST’ bond will come at a high cost to the taxpayer. This is not the time for ‘nice to haves’ as we all have to tighten our belts in this economy that has signs of only getting worse.

(City council meeting on 2/8/22, at mark 1:20 – 1:28 of video on live stream) 

NO on Prop 'A'

What is the Better Way?

We support our police

Why didn’t the city support our police back in 2016 when they knew the police station needed major improvements? It’s shameful.

Revise the Plan

The plans for the Public Safety Complex need to be revised.

Build what is needed

We support a phased plan that would take care of the immediate needs of our police and fire personnel. Let’s simply build what we need.

No wish list

We don’t need wish list items such as a “safety exchange zone” or “community engagement center” in the building.

No higher taxes

Do you want to pay higher taxes and have our roads neglected for wish list items? Let’s take care of our police and fire without extras.

No debt

We don’t believe in relying on debt (and thus raising taxes) in order to pay for core functions of the city like police and street maintenance.

Prioritize Needs

The City needs to prioritize its needs, not wants.

Live within means

Like its citizens, the City should have to live within its means.

Keep solvent

Keep Kerrville solvent. Definition of solvent: able to pay all legal debts. (Merriam Webster’s 1828 Dictionary)

Stop Borrowing

The City is already borrowing money for road maintenance, another core function! This is like paying your mortgage with your credit card.

No More Debt Service

20% of next year’s tax revenue will go toward servicing the debt from this bond alone.

No tax hikes

If the bond passes, it will necessitate tax hikes in order to keep up with basic city services. Street maintenance will be neglected even more!

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